History of Palomar Journalism

The Journalism Department  has been a part of Palomar College since the 1940s. The campus newspaper was established just a few years after the birth of the college itself. The campus newspaper has served as an archive of the college’s history throughout its life. The newspaper, called The Telescope, has hard copy archives located at the Palomar Campus. For viewing times and location, call 760-891-7865. Current news from The Telescope can be found on the website. (Please note: Website will open in a new window)

Students who write or take photographs for The Telescope must take one of the Journalism courses 110L, 105, 205, 210, 215 or 295.

The other publication, Impact magazine, is a 60-page, full-color magazine covering Palomar culture. It was founded in 2011. To write for this publication, students must take Journalism 120.

For more information on Palomar’s Journalism Department, click here. (Please note: Website will open in a new window)


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