Job Opening (Dec. 1)

Cablecast Technician

The Cablecast Technician position requires a variety of specialized and technical duties related to the management, broadcast, and organization of programs filmed and received at the station. This clerical based position will ensure that both channels are up and operating and that new programming will be preserved for the years to come.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

§  Creating daily playlists that will be transferred for play out everyday.

§  Monitoring the daily broadcast of both channels 18 and 19

§  Ingesting and download programs for play out. This includes DV tapes, DVDs and digital copies provided by KOCT and outside sources.

§  Logging programs when completed by editors.

§  Taking dub requests and completing them in a timely manner.

§  Labeling and indexing DV tapes and DVD copies of our current and past programs.

§  Participation in an ongoing archive project that requires transferring footage, backing up programs, and logging everything when completed.

Minimum Qualifications:

§  Have at least a years experience in office and clerical work?

§  Be able to multitask on a daily basis

§  Must be organize

The application process can be found at

Contact is Jake Rush- Station Manager


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