Alumni Spotlight: Kelley Foyt

Courtesy of Kelley Foyt

Courtesy of Kelley Foyt

Name: Kelley Foyt
Position: Content Creator
Company: Freelance
Degree(s): Bachelors in Media + Culture (The New School 2013) and Associates in Journalism (Palomar 2011)
Emphasis (if applicable): Communicative Design (Parsons)
Whereabouts: New York City
What do you do? I help companies amp up their online presence through digital media (blogging, photography, video, design and social media marketing).
How did you get your job? I made it up 🙂 ha!
What is the best professional lesson you learned at Palomar? Palomar gave me all of the foundational tools I needed to succeed in the journalism/media industry. I was able to learn about journalism from so many different angles, which ultimately, is what has allowed me to embrace a freelance/entrepreneurial career path.
What advice do you have for current students? Try EVERYTHING. So many people tell you that the journalism industry is changing and they don’t know where it will be in just a few years time. But the greatest thing is that we (a new generation of journalists) gets to find out and shape what the future of journalism will be. Find your passion, experiment and see where it takes you!
What is your favorite Palomar memory? Production nights at The Telescope.


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