Classnote: Ian Hanner

Photo Courtesy of Ian Hanner

Photo Courtesy of Ian Hanner

Name: Ian M. Hanner
Position: Marketing and Sales Analyst
Company: Aligned Enterprises
Degree(s): Still working on A.A.
Emphasis (if applicable): Communications
Whereabouts: Live in Vista, Calif.. Work in Carlsbad, Calif.
What do you do? I look for market trends in a variety of different areas of business and try to predict the best demographics to target and at what times. I also generate some leads in a way that allows me to analyze the most effective ways to get users responses.
How did you get your job? A nauseating large stack of submitted resumes.
What is the best professional lesson you learned at Palomar? Attention to detail, professionalism, “always on parade”, and always be thinking you have more to learn.
What advice do you have for current students? If you live at home still, get as many classes out of the way while it’s easy. If you no longer live at home, don’t stop working on school, even if work makes it difficult.
What is your favorite Palomar memory? Very late nights in the newsroom and most importantly JACC.

There’s a very fine balance between aiming for your goals and taking a more day-to-day minded approach (e.g. trying to get into print journalism even though it probably won’t be around for much longer vs. getting into public relations because it has a bigger paycheck). In the end, do whatever genuinely makes you happy and never let yourself forget that it does.


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