Great part-time position, Deadline Dec. 15

SPJ is hiring a part-time, work-at-home communications coordinator position.

Check it out here.



Job Opening (Dec. 1)

Cablecast Technician

The Cablecast Technician position requires a variety of specialized and technical duties related to the management, broadcast, and organization of programs filmed and received at the station. This clerical based position will ensure that both channels are up and operating and that new programming will be preserved for the years to come.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

§  Creating daily playlists that will be transferred for play out everyday.

§  Monitoring the daily broadcast of both channels 18 and 19

§  Ingesting and download programs for play out. This includes DV tapes, DVDs and digital copies provided by KOCT and outside sources.

§  Logging programs when completed by editors.

§  Taking dub requests and completing them in a timely manner.

§  Labeling and indexing DV tapes and DVD copies of our current and past programs.

§  Participation in an ongoing archive project that requires transferring footage, backing up programs, and logging everything when completed.

Minimum Qualifications:

§  Have at least a years experience in office and clerical work?

§  Be able to multitask on a daily basis

§  Must be organize

The application process can be found at

Contact is Jake Rush- Station Manager

Paid Freelance Opportunity


I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to reach out to you about a paid freelance opportunity for your
writers to contribute to Student Health 101, the online health and wellness

Student Health 101 is a student-written publication, as a way to help
students better manage the pressures they’re under, from managing stress to
money to eating well and much more. Currently, Student Health 101 is
published each month to over 1,000,000 students, at 500 different colleges
and universities.

In case you haven’t seen Student Health 101 before, you can see an example
online at –

We’re currently looking for freelance student journalists to write features
and shorts on health issues that are of concern to students. Mainly, we’re
looking for writers with excellent reporting skills who can work under a
deadline. Writers are hired on a freelance basis and paid a fee per article,
based on article length and difficulty of the subject matter. Feature
stories are 1,250 to 1,500 words, while short features are 300 to 600 words.

Students who are interested can express their interest and submit writing
samples online at

And of course – if there’s someone else on your campus we should contact,
please feel free to let me know, or pass my information along.

Thanks for your time, and any assistance you can provide,


Dan Wolman
Student Health 101
866.636.8336 x1105

Job opportunity.. copy editor


Part Time Copy Editor Postion Available for Marine Corps Gazette

The Gazette is seeking a part time copy editor. This is an ideal
position for a spouse looking to work part time. Offsite work is a
strong possibility for the person with the right skills.

Part Time Copy Editor

Summary of Position:
Assists editor in ensuring maximum accuracy of copy is exercised both
in print and online, for Marine Corps Gazette (MCG). This job requires
strict adherence to the Gazette publishing schedule as promulgated in
the annual production calendar.

Essential Duties:
-Coordinating proofreading of all articles with editors and staff
-Conduct first proof of each article
-Coordinate corrections to articles
-Review each article after layout for final corrections prior to
shipping to printer
-Review each issue cover to cover prior to posting and after review by
-Review proofs online prior to approval
-Assists with MCG Web Site by proofing web site content
-Stay abreast and advise staff of style changes

Education: Associate degree required. Bachelor in English or related
discipline highly desirable
Skills: Mastery of MS Word is essential. Knowledgeable of editing in
accordance to a style manual (Gazette uses Associated Press).
Familiarity with the United States Marine Corps is desirable.

Location: This position may be considered for off-site remote work
after completion of initial orientation

Hours: The hours worked are predicated on the work load and could be
up to 40 hours per semi-monthly pay period

Send Resume to:

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Troop

Courtesy of Steve TroopName: Steve Troop
What do you do?: I design puppets for TV and Film. Basically, I sketch hundreds of concepts, eventually settling on the “look” of it. Once approved, I also build and perform. Very interesting work, if you can get it!
Company and Whereabouts: Puppet Design Studio – Valencia, CA
How did you get your current job?: In 1994, while still at Palomar, I began building puppets of my cartoon characters. As the years went on, I realized I enjoyed puppets more than cartooning and started posting videos to YouTube About 8 years ago, a puppeteer saw my stuff, found out I could draw and I’ve been designing for him ever since.
What is the best professional lesson you learned at Palomar?: The importance of deadlines and revisions (not necessarily in that order)
What advice do you have for current students?: Finish your degree (something I’ve always regretted)
What is your favorite Palomar memory?: Making a puppet movie in the Palomar Telescope offices.
Last thoughts: Follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they sound on paper.

Alumni Spotlight: Kate Nelson

Kate NelsonName: Kate Nelson
Position: Copy editor
Company: U-T San Diego
Degree(s): AA in journalism, Palomar College; BA in journalism, San Diego State University
Whereabouts: San Diego, CA
What do you do? I work on the news copy desk at U-T San Diego.
How did you get your job? I interviewed and took a copy editing test and was hired in 2000.
What advice do you have for current students? Work on your college newspaper!
What is your favorite Palomar memory? Working on The Telescope.
Last thoughts? If you want to be a good writer, you have to read a lot. Find writers whose work you like, and read them. Never underestimate the value of revising and proofreading your work.